Contract Negotiation

Our contract strategy is very clear and simple: we construct platforms for our clients to receive as much guaranteed financial success as possible. Additionally, we layer in achievable escalators to increase contract value during the length of the contract with an emphasis on leaving ample options and opportunities for renegotiating. At OTG Sports Management, our unwavering focus is to maximize our players' earnings so that they can achieve a financially secure lifetime, career guidance, life skills, and personal attention necessary to pave their own road for success.

Marketing & Endorsements

OTGSM's full-time marketing staff is dedicated to creating and developing our athlete's "brand" while seeking out local, regional and national opportunities that equate to solid, long-term monetary gain for our clients. At OTG Sports Management, our staff's concentration point and primary goal is to discover viable opportunities for our clients to make as much money off the field as they do on it. This is not just a corporate slogan, but a daily commitment.

Community Relations

We encourage all of our athletes to reach back into their respective communities and uphold their civic responsibilities. We firmly believe that an individual's character and integrity is as much a part of his "brand" as his athletic abilities.

Pre-Draft Preparation

We recognize that each player's specific needs and desires are unique, and therefore, design individual plans specifically tailored to match the goals of each individual. It's important to our Management Team that we carefully craft a well-balanced long-term plan and overall environment that will optimize your success. This includes fitting the athlete with the proper tools, including, but not limited to: transportation, accommodations, training, medical evaluations, customized meal plans, supplements, media/interview training, and all-star game preparation.

Post-Athlete Career Couseling

OTG Sports Management excels when it comes to helping clients pivot and transition from the sports world to the professional world. Our approach is to methodically work with each client to define, analyze, and layout a career blueprint based on their specific areas of interest. We provide not only letters of recommendation, but tap into our vast networks and spheres of influence to find the right opportunity beyond the playing field in the areas of: Broadcasting, Coaching, Scouting, and/or Marketing. We also align our clients with career-based internships during their playing days, in order to effectively parlay these relationships into future job opportunities.

Off-Season Client Assistance

To OTG Sports Management, the offseason is equally as important. We support, encourage and promote civic responsibility by assisting in the establishment of Non-profit Foundations (5013c's) for our athletes. This is often done through athlete-sponsored youth sports camps. Our job is to develop not just athletic capability, but support the skill set required to live a prosperous life. In addition, OTGSM connects our clients with "Life Skills" Mentors, Coaches, and Teachers to help create and align their athletic prowess with lifetime goals. We have a team of career professionals that will utilize their contacts and centers of influence to provide post career opportunities.

Personal Support Services (In-Season)

OTG Sports Management is committed to addressing the in-season needs of each client to preserve our athlete's full focus on their respective sport and the job at hand. Our support services include even the most mundane tasks such as: helping to locate short-term housing, assisting with rental car selection or automobile purchases, and providing travel and lodging assistance for clients and families. Additionally, our staff facilitates and promotes Television and Radio interviews for our players both locally and nationally, while also creating and publicizing player weekly highlights and accomplishments to fans. We are also dedicated to updating client blogs and social media outlets with Post-Game highlights and accomplishments. Being that our society is now in the "internet-age", we also assist in website creation for our athletes to continue to help build their brand. Having a personal website allows our clients to be very visible to their fans and the media. Not only can they link their social media accounts & blogs to their site, but they can also promote any charitable work they may be doing. These personal websites serve as another outlet for players to connect with fans. At OTG Sports Management our consistent message to clients is "You ball on the field; and we ball for you off the field."

OTG Fashion Consulting

OTG Fashion Consulting is dedicated to providing top quality services to all clients. We are a fashion-based company that gives fashion guidance and helps clients find their true styles. We make the fashion easy; OTG Fashion is your solution to minimizing efforts while maximizing your look.
OTGFC provides:
  • Image Consulting - we evaluate the current style of our client and provide a custom plan. This service includes a detailed style assessment.
  • Media Perception Analysis - Help client define a look that will appeal to client's marketability through the eyes of the media. This service is commonly used for an appearance at an event, media activities, etc.
  • Wardrobe Styling - Crafting an image that speaks to a client's personal style with the expertise of stylist, which includes the latest fashion trends. This service is commonly used for photo shoots, videos, etc.